This list of events for the 2023-24 quizbowl season will be updated as more information becomes available. Emails about upcoming events are sent to the bowlmembers mailing list; contact us if you would like to join.


Practice for spring 2024 will be Fridays 6-8pm in 1-132.


Tournaments are still being scheduled for the 2024-25 season, so check back for more information. When they are listed here, tournaments are labelled with their date and host school, if known. They are also labelled with their intended difficulty using the college quizbowl calendar difficulty scale, with more dots indicating harder questions and a more experienced target audience. Tournaments labelled with one or two dots are usually written with players new to quizbowl in mind, while those with more than two dots may not be. However, we do not impose strict restrictions (e.g. tryouts) on who may play at a given tournament.

We typically also host one high school and one college tournament each semester. Announcements will be linked here as they are posted.